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Billing service

Boost Collection Percentage

Now you can offer your physician what no one else can: A highly advanced, extremely effective system for an unrivaled fee*

AllegianceMD delivers the most-advanced scrubber in the world—boosting collections by 20%-25%.

And thanks to our Artificial Intelligence component, charges are generated from the EMR system, just pending review before submission. That means you can say goodbye to posting charges, missing slips, extra trips to the doctor's office to pick charges, and no more EOB manual postings!

Smart Move.

AllegianceMD improves your client/patient services with e-prescription, a full patient portal, automated caller and/or text messages to confirm appointments electronically — plus our EMR helps the physician qualify for government stimulus through Meaningful Use.


AllegianceMD helps you gain your client’s confidence, creating a total win-win situation for you and your business



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