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For an affordable monthly fee—less than an average utility bill—our expert system with its Artificial Intelligence automates your daily, time-consuming operations.
Down to the point: You realize a significant return on your investment—saving money, time and effort.

Imagine saving money, time and effort by having a system that:
  1. Books 60% of your appointments online.
  2. Let your patients input their own demographics.
  3. Calls patients to confirm appointments.
  4. Allows patients to fill out their history and demographics online, according to your predetermined parameters.
  5. Checks patient eligibility.
  6. Check insurance eligibility, then forwards you the patient eligibility data (co-pays, deductible amounts, co-insurance).
  7. Scans/archives all patient documents. (Unlimited document upload).
  8. Lets you fax from anywhere in the world since it’s attached to our advanced phone system and not your office-bound system.
  9. Scans/archives/organizes faxes sent to your system, letting you annotate the fax and attach it to patient records—never loose a fax again. (E-fax)
  10. Calls/collects 60% of patient charges.

Address and phone number

Our Address:
6914 S. Yorktown Ave. Ste 200
Tulsa, OK, USA 74136
Hours of Operation:
Mon. to Fri. 8am to 5pm
Phone 800-868-1923
Fax 888-246-8889

Demo Information

Please call 800-868-1923 option 1 and set up a one-on-one demo today. Onsite demos can be arranged as well.